Srimad Bhagwat Geeta

 Bhagwat Gita is a scientific book.

 This book is now under reconstruction. Existing book you can read in my book stated below. Bhagwat Geeta is not a religious book. It changes with time.

Indian elephant head human God is known as Ganesha. It controls the stars and planets of cosmic life. Scientists shall prove soon that head of the Bio Machine Human being can be changed with the head of Elephant or Lion. To know more please read  analysis of Bhagwat Geeta by

Jaipal Singh Datta

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वन्षिविभुषित्करान नव्नीर्दभात पीतामबरात अरुन्बिम्ब्फलधरोष्टात

पूर्णेन्दुसुन्देर्मुखात अर्विन्द्नेत्रात कृशनात्परं किमपि तत्वमहम् न जाने

Vedic Science

There is no God. Exploiters have exploited others by taking name of different  male or female Gods to satisfy their greed or lust. There is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of Upnishads or Geeta.

There is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of Upanishads / Geeta.  It shall be solace of my life and it shall be solace of my death. After reading all my technical explanations  World  is going to see  a revolution in thought  more extensive and more powerful than that  which was witnessed due to Industrial or Information technology. Those who keep their eyes open, those who understand  minds of the different human beings or bio-machines, those who are thinkers and study different fields of science, will find the immense change in the literature of the world, by this slow, never ceasing permeation of  thoughts by sages and new scientific development. These Sages do not belong to India alone.

Sages or Knowledge of Sages belongs to the universe. Characteristics of human  bio-machine is  to struggle , think beyond time, beyond non-existence. This struggle to go beyond ,this daring to tear the veil of the face of nature and have, at any risk, at any price, a glimpse of the beyond is a basic nature of human being in this world.

NASA or Sages of the America like Bill Gate or X, Y ,Z, (as names are not important) are serving the humanity. Only when you add spiritual energy to the means available with individuals, then only humanity can get these results or progress . Capital accumulation is the side effect of this cause.

Bhagwat Geeta is summary of all vedas. It is very difficult to explain , but I am still trying to explain . More I read , more I am convinced that there is no God. Exploiters  use the name of God  to exploit others . In Geeta it is very clearly written that nature is above all . Nature is named as Krishna. Geeta informs about the scientific and technical development of ancient time . As knowledge of science and technology is growing every day , meaning of verses in every chapter are changing. So Geeta is always new. If you read  Holy Book  Geeta  with concentration , devotion and reasons , then  you may realize that scientific and technical development is still trying to solve mysteries of life or sayings of sages. Bhagwat Gita in Wikipedia .

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I am writing again Bhagwat Geeta on this site. Please read and understand and discuss if it is possible.

Under Construction and rewriting

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I wrote the following books. I edited and published.

I shall improve as time permits. I published in a hurry, as I felt that my time is limited.

Please read

                                                                                                                           Jaipal Singh Datta

1.0 Srimad Bhagwat Geeta

2.0 Garuda Puran

3.0 My experiments with truth


4.0 Astrology

This book contains importance of Thithi Moon Day, Division charts. It is good for readers who have learnt Astrology after reading Astrology made easy and Astrology lessons.

5.0 Astrology made easy

This book consists of simple astrology lessons for beginner.

6.0 Astrology Examples

In this book I have tried to predict future with arguments, so that we can develop this subject as science.

7.0  Astrology lessons

This is simple lessons and consists again summary of teachings written in earlier books.

6.0 Management by human values

Officers distributed food to employees and eaten food after all employees have taken lunch. In one hour 2200 workers and staff took food. After taking food area was again neat and clean.

The Story Writer of Mahabharta (Geeta)

Photos of Krishna Janam Ashtami Courtsey Kapil Mohan


I thought of informing to my next generations regarding scientific development of today. I thought of writing all this information on stones. Stones may not damage with pollution or nuclear wars. I also had to write. Question is which language? I thought that I should use that language which can be spoken and written in the same way . This means Sanskrit Language or German Language . French or English language can not be written as per pronunciations. So language for the next generation may be Sanskrit. I could not study other languages. So I say Sanskrit.

Under Construction dated 26-08-2016

I have already explained my analysis of Srimad Bhagwat Geeta / Bhagwat-Gita. I shall go on modifying later on. Your comments are most welcome.

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Astrology ( We are only Puppets in the hand of Nature )

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I am thankful to Yahoo , Google and Microsoft for their efficient computer services like Search Engines, Economical Web Sites along with efficient web hosting tools and progress in Computers and Nano Computers or Bio- Computers. Competition between different service providers is improving the services , which is helpful for poor writers.

Language , which human beings or Bio-Computer or Nano-Computer understands, is varying from one Bio-machine to the other Bio M/C. With the new scientific and technical developments it may be very easy to understand the characteristics of each Bio-Machine living at different place in the universe. One may have to know only date , time and place of Birth. I am waiting for the technical development, when Bio-Machines or human beings are produced with the help from Sun rays or Cloud water or Air. These Bio Machines shall be very intelligent, powerful and can stay under water and can grow from one small cell ( molecule ) to large mountain as per wishes of program developer( Hanuman is shown as a person who can take diffrent shapes to enter to Lanka ). Please understand that these are only stories to make coming generations understand the technical development of that time.

Author is writing about Why can Hanuman go under water? Why did Rama need Mantra to make Hanuman powerful? How can he change shape? Hanuman and Bheem are born with the help of air. Why are their qualities more resembling? Hanuman was more powerful then Bheem. This means that during Ramayan science was more developed then Mahabharta. Bheem could not fly, while Hanuman could. Bheem married to some one related to air and produced Ghatochkuch who can change shapes. Hanuman never married as per Ramayan story. In India we know that there are Atman or Souls in the air and that can be controlled.These Atman can perform duty as per wishes of controller. Science for this is still to be developed. It is known as Tantrik knowledge.

To Master this science one must learn Mantras (small poems).

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